Goto Labels
Room # Room Name Labels
9Foothills, Stony InclineMap7_NTR.xml
27Wildflower Meadow, Before the GodsShrine
Prydaen Favors
35Abandoned Clan, EntryAbandoned Clan
45Abandoned Clan, Buried TreasuresBuried Treasures
67Sorrow's Reach, Cavern MouthCavern Mouth
77Promado Village, ObeliskPromado Village
83Abandoned Cemetery, GateAbandoned Cemetery
104Luscious LavasLuscious Lavas
114Small Cottage, Living AreaIvinnes
118Promado Village, Church of HodiernaChurch
124High Mountains, Obscured TrailHigh Mountains
125High Mountains, WaterfallWaterfall
129High Mountains, CavernCavern
131Sunfall Hub, Claw DistrictClaw District
132Sunfall Hub, Warrior DistrictWarrior District
133Sunfall Hub, Work AreaWork Area
134Sunfall Hub, Residential AreaResidential Area
135Sunfall Hub, Firepit CircleSunfall Hub
Firepit Circle
136Sunfall Hub, Inside A Hide TentHide Tent