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Room # Room Name Labels
6North Turnpike, FarmlandNecro Guild Entrance
23North Gate, GateMap1_Crossing.xml
N Gate
96Northwall Trail, Open Forestboxes
97Northwall Trail, Open Foresteast
98Northern Trade Road, Open ForestMap7_NTR.xml
99Seord'moda Crater, RidgeSeord'moda Crater
108Northwall Trail, Phaedic's FieldPhaedic's Field
113Northwall Trail, Wooded GrovePfanston's grove
114Northwall Trail, Wooded GroveMap4_Crossing_West_Gate.xml
W Gate
116Ranger's Guild, The Tree HouseMap1_Crossing.xml
Tree house
172Deep Forest, Winding PathPath
174Deep Forest, Winding PathFirewood
175Deep Forest, Winding PathTynick
176Deep Forest, Monastery WallAdano
179Monastery Grounds, Side EntranceSide Entrance
180Monastery Grounds, Iron GateIron Gate
183Monastery Grounds, GraveyardGraveyard
184Monastery Grounds, GreenhouseGreenhouse
188Monastery, Winding PassageMarkat
Spell Preps
192Monastery Commons Room, Southeast Cornerbucket
195Monastery, CloisterTea
197Monastery, CloisterCloister
Belt Knives
204Book's Private StudyGuildleader
GL Necromancer
207Zoluren Royal Mews, CourtyardZoluren Royal Mews
209Zoluren Royal Mews, Brokerage OfficesBrokerage Offices
210Zoluren Royal Mews, StablemasterStablemaster Kenefick
213Zoluren Royal Mews, Jousting FieldJousting Field
214Zoluren Royal Mews, StablesStables
215A Bit For Horses, EntranceBit For Horses
216A Bit For Horses, FeedFeed
217A Bit For Horses, BardingBarding
226Rugglestone Close, The CommonRugglestone Close
232Rugglestone Close, Gazebo on the CommonGazebo on the Common
247North Tower, Air FloorN Tower
Tower North
Air Floor
248North Tower, Earth FloorEarth Floor
249North Tower, Water FloorWater Floor
250North Tower, Fire FloorFire Floor
251North Tower, Aether FloorAether Floor
252Rakshalla's CarpetsRakshalla's Carpets
253Rakshalla's Carpets, Prayer RugsPrayer Rugs
261Monastery, ClassroomClassroom
262Monastery, Small LoungeSmall Lounge
263Monastery, Dusty CathedralCathedral
264Monastery, Cathedral AltarAltar
266Birch Copse, Aevren ModBirch Copse
Aevren Mod
willow tree
268Monastery, Quiet LibraryNecromancer Library
Necro Library
302Cold Laboratory, HallwayDaragrym
Risen Supplies
303Cold Laboratory, HallwayKelasune