Goto Labels
Room # Room Name Labels
14Endrus Forest, Secluded GladeSecluded Glade
31Southern Trade Route, Endrus ForestRTZ31
32Southern Trade Route, Soothsayer's HutSoothsayer's Hut
36Southern Trade Route, Segoltha PlainRTZ20
39Endrus Forest, ClearingRTZ21
40An Ancient TreeShrine1-13
Ancient Tree
Book of Hodierna
41An Ancient Tree, Hodierna's SolaceHodierna's Solace
42Southern Trade Route, Segoltha South BankFerry
43Chelsea Overlook, Hearthstone LaneHearthstone Lane
46Chelsea OverlookChelsea Overlook
51Chelsea Overlook, Stony BluffStony Bluff
54Chelsea Overlook, Blacksilt BeachBlacksilt Beach
57Southern Trade Route, Bosque DerielMap61_Leth_Deriel.xml
Leth Deriel
58Forest of Night, PathForest of Night
87Forest of Night, Sheltered CoveSheltered Cove
89Forest of Night, The River BankSanrisi Tree
102Forest of Night, Blackfruit TreeBlackfruit Tree
105Forest of Night, Inner ShrineInner Shrine
106Hodierna's GraceMap998_Transports.xml
107Southern Trade Route, Endrus ForestMap1a_Crossing_Thief.xml
5th Passage
108Fisherman's Trail, FootpathMap50_Segoltha_River.xml
Segoltha River
109Berdachun's HutBerdachun's Hut
124Kertigen's HonorMap998_Transports.xml
125Forest of Night, Willow ValleyWillow Valley
140Silverclaw Hub, Entry PlatformSilverclaw Hub
141Silverclaw Hub, Warriors TreehouseWarriors Treehouse
142Silverclaw Hub, Sleeping HutSleeping Hut
143Silverclaw Hub, Crafting HutCrafting Hut
project bin
145Silverclaw Hub, Central TreehouseCentral Treehouse
146Silverclaw Hub, Hut of the ThreeHut of the Three
155Endrus Forest, Sushu RahatSushu Rahat
Endrus serpents