Goto Labels
Room # Room Name Labels
1Andreshlew, South DockDolphins
south dock
7The Gallaenia, Purser's OfficeBank
14Andreshlew, Coral Gardensharks
brine sharks
36Altered ReactionsAltered Reactions
38Force of HabitForce of Habit
39Hero To Go, SuppliesHero to Go
41Natural Beauty, Sales FloorNatural Beauty
43Saidakyp of Andreshlew, LobbyGift
45Saidakyp of Andreshlew, Item RegistrationRegistration
46Saidakyp of Andreshlew, LoungeAlterations
47Killer Pinks, Fatally AggressiveKiller Pinks
75Andreshlew, SaphtinagiUndertaker
76Andreshlew, RubtanagiWierge
79Andreshlew, RaldtanagiFortuneteller
80Andreshlew, Suporni KavmalitanDrogor Shrine
animal shrine
90Suporni Kavmalitan, Beja UtremVine
91Chuffed To Be Stuffed, Large WorkshopChuffed To Be Stuffed
92Scentsations, Sweet SensesScentsations
96Skin Art by JaecindaSkin Art by Jaecinda
97The Stylish Stallion, SalesroomStylish Stallion
The Stylish Stallion
98Plunderdome, SalesroomPlunderdome
99Sofa So Good, SalesroomSofa So Good
100The Scorpion Shop, SalesroomScorpion Shop
The Scorpion Shop
101Now And Trader, SalesfloorNow And Trader
102The Fighting is on the Wall, SalesfloorFighting is on the Wall
The Fighting is on the Wall
103Heikea, Food DisplayHeikea
107Svenblum's Annex, Inner ChildSvenblum's Annex
110Jhanine Dering Cloaks, Sales FloorJhanine Dering Cloaks
111Halberdashery, Main RoomHalberdashery
112Galleria of GartersGalleria of Garters
113Reinventing the Wheel, EntryReinventing the Wheel
115Ritual Addiction, CeremonyRitual Addiction
117This Little Piggy, Stayed HomeThis Little Piggy
119Mob Mentality, Dilapidated ShowroomMob Mentality
121Home for the Fireplace, ShowroomHome for the Fireplace
122Eye SpyEye Spy
123Lute The Room, MainroomLute The Room
124Wedding Belles, FoyerWedding Belles
129Creature Story, SalesCreature Story
Sanowret Crystals
131Shaper's Furnishings, Golden SkiesShaper's Furnishings
132Nigeyi's, Purveyor of Fine FootwearNigeyi's
Fine Footwear
135The Ghostly Galleria of Spiritual SouvenirsGhostly Galleria of Spiritual Souvenirs
The Ghostly Galleria of Spiritual Souvenirs
136Dark Dalliance, ChamberDark Dalliance
147Crystal CavernRaces
Tunnel Races
Crystal Tunnel Races
Water Tunnel Races
149Sea Otter Smash, DenSea Otter Smash
Otter Smash
151Sputkin's Splendors, EntrySputkin's Splendors
153Sputkin's Splendors, Cramped LoftScrolls
158Jousting Grounds, Lances and Roses Souvenir ShopJousting Grounds
159Fabric Fantasies, SalesroomFabric Fantasies
160Sew It Seems, EntranceSew It Seems
166Floors for Thought, Main SalesfloorFloors for Thought
168Wrath of the Storm, SalesroomWrath of the Storm
169The Musiceum, Orchestral ManoeuvresMusiceum
The Musiceum
171Tea For Tamsine, EntranceTea For Tamsine
174The Other Siegery ShopOther Siegery Shop
The Other Siegery Shop
175Too Much of a Good Sling, SalesroomToo Much of a Good Sling
176Fishy's Pants Mart, Pants Department of PantsFishy's Pants Mart
178Natural Selections, On Your GuardNatural Selections
181All Gallows Eve, SalesfloorAll Gallows Eve
183All The King's Men, EntranceAll The King's Men
190Pita Pan, MainroomPita Pan
191Jynli's Cattery HE Wing, Main RoomJynli's Cattery HE Wing
192Only The Holy, SalesfloorOnly The Holy
193Give 'Em the BootGive 'Em the Boot
194A Cultured Attire, The Mountain ElvesA Cultured Attire
Cultured Attire
203Which Craft, Sitting RoomWhich Craft
208Bobbing for LampreyBobbing for Lamprey
210Hashal's HavenHashal's Haven
212Carpin Capers, Main RoomCarpin Capers
213Wally's World of Walls, SalesfloorWally's World of Walls
214Glam and Gritty, AnteroomGlam and Gritty
217The Mind of SdaiMind of Sdai
The Mind of Sdai
219Crimson Dragon Gaming, Entry HallCrimson Dragon Gaming
220Crimson Dragon Gaming, Swordsman's HallSwordsman's Hall
Bingo 2
221Crimson Dragon Gaming, Lily RoomLily Room
Waerd Kweld
Bingo 1
222ArtSea Gifts and Souvenirs, Main RoomArtSea Gifts and Souvenirs
223The Joys of Noise, Island BeatsJoys of Noise
The Joys of Noise
225Sketchy By Design, GallerySketchy By Design
227Sumptuous Silks, Main ShowroomSumptuous Silks
229The Naked Sheep, Woolly WearsNaked Sheep
The Naked Sheep
231Seat of Unification, LobbyFactions
Faction Lounge
232Lounge, Depth ShapersDepth Shapers
233Salvage Finds of the Reshal Sea, Shop FloorSalvage Finds of the Reshal Sea
234Covered Dragon Wagon, Main RoomCovered Dragon Wagon
235Comfortable Rakash, Form is FunctionComfortable Rakash
237Limited Treasures, LoungeLimited Treasures
238Dock of Many Flings, SalesroomDock of Many Flings
239Garden Party, Shop floorGarden Party
240Andreshlew's Grand RaffleRaffles
241A Quick Bite, SalesroomA Quick Bite
242Bought The Farm, Front RoomBought The Farm
243Darsam's Drifters, A Small AlcoveDarsam's Drifters
244Andreshlew, Holy ShrineShrine
Holy Shrine
245Andreshlew, Gathering HallGathering Hall
246Excess Baggage, SalesroomExcess Baggage
247The Pink Pirate's Plunder and Pillage Palace, AnteroomPink Pirate's Plunder and Pillage Palace
The Pink Pirate's Plunder and Pillage Palace
250Gaming Hall, Crown and Anchor VenueCrown and Anchor
254In The Snow, OuterwearIn The Snow
255Bam Bam's, SalesroomBam Bam's
256Familiar Treats, InsideFamiliar Treats
257One Stop Tabard Shop, SalesroomOne Stop Tabard Shop
258Stuff It, LuggageStuff It
259Siegery Shop, SoldiersSigery Shop
261Pane in the Glass, ShowroomPane in the Glass
262Whimsical WindsWhimsical Winds
263Country Style, Men's WearCountry Style
264Tool as a Cucumber, Forging SuppliesTool as a Cucumber
265Tool as a Cucumber, Engineering SuppliesEngineering
266Tool as a Cucumber, DyesDyes
267Tool as a Cucumber, Outfitting SuppliesOutfitting
268Tool as a Cucumber, Alchemy SuppliesAlchemy
269Tool as a Cucumber, Enchanting SuppliesEnchanting
270Tweets, SalesroomTweetss
271Affair of the Art, SalesfloorAffair of the Art
272Everlasting Beauty, FoyerEverlasting Beauty
274Plush and Nonsense, Sales FloorPlush and Nonsense
275Accents for the Arachnophile, Jewels and AccessoriesAccents for the Arachnophile
279Arachnomancy, AdventArachnomancy
282Old Elmer's, Main RoomOld Elmer's
283A Walk on the Wild Side, SalesroomWalk on the Wild Side
A Walk on the Wild Side
287The Male Persuasion, Sales FloorMale Persuasion
The Male Persuasion
288Birds of a Feather, ShowroomBirds of a Feather
289Two Doors Down, SalesroomTwo Doors Down
295Andreshlew, Hillside GroveCloud Eels
301Black And Tanned, SalesroomBlack And Tanned
302The Finer Things, Front RoomFiner Things
The Finer Things
305Cowsmoopolitan, SalesroomCowsmoopolitan
307Stupid Terrestrian Tricks, RegistrationStupid Terrestrian Tricks
Terrestrian Tricks
308Andreshlew, CaveHunting
undead merelew
decomposing merelew
deadlight fish
315Lounge, Trickling SunTrickling Sun
316Lounge, Inverted CrucibleInverted Crucible
317Lounge, Red Fan TradersRed Fan Traders
318Lounge, Supplicants of the TideSupplicants of the Tide
320Owirvald Auction Company, Auction FloorAuction Floor 1
Auction 1
321Owirvald Auction Company, Auction FloorAuction Floor 2
Auction 2
322Owirvald Auction Company, Auction FloorAuction Floor 3
Auction 3
323Owirvald Auction Company, Auction FloorAuction Floor 4
Auction 4
326The Great Sea Battle, Ticket BoothGreat Sea Battle
The Great Sea Battle
Sea Battle
328Tieheq with the Thirteen, VestibuleTieheg with the Thirteen
332In The HollowIn The Hollow
333Tastelessly Tacky, VestibuleTastelessly Tacky
337Conductive Contraptions, Sales FloorConductive Contraptions
338Delicate CreationsDelicate Creations
339See the Light, Kermorian DivinitySee the Light
342The Future is Now, WorkshopFuture is Now
The Future is Now
343Saidakyp of Andreshlew, Platinum WorkroomPlatinum Workroom
344Saidakyp of Andreshlew, Gold WorkroomGold Workroom
345Saidakyp of Andreshlew, Silver WorkroomSilver Workroom
346Saidakyp of Andreshlew, Bronze WorkroomBronze Workroom
347Saidakyp of Andreshlew, Copper WorkroomCopper Workroom
348Don't Spill The Tea, GazeboDon't Spill The Tea
350Gosling's Exotic FishGosling's Exotic Fish