Window Logger

Version 1.4 (Last updated 7/25/2020)

This plugin allows you to set up log files based on the window that the text is being sent to.

I am not referring to windows within Genie in this case, but the window that is passed with the text when it is sent to Genie.

Installation instructions:

  1. Download
  2. Install WindowLogger.dll, WindowLogger.xml & WindowLoggerConfig.xml in either the Genie Plugins folder (%appdata%\Genie Client 3\Plugins) or your Genie.exe directory, whichever you keep config files in.
  3. Either restart any open instances of Genie, or type: #plugin load ShopWindow.dll each open instance of Genie.
    Until this plugin is approved, you may get a warning saying you are installing an unapproved plugin the first time you load it.

These are the windows currently available:

atmospherics, death, experience, familiar, inv, logons, main, ooc, percwindow, raw, room, talk, thoughts, whispers

My original intent was to allow you to log the text being sent to windows defined in Genie, but this was as close as I was able to get.

You will be able to define the relative path and name of the log file based on the window.

You could store conversation logs by year and month by storing them in logs\talk\{yyyy}\{mm}\{charactername}.log

You could also put whispers and gweths in the same log file if desired.

You can also decide if you want to add timestamps to the lines as they are logged, with the date, time or both.

Note: For those running multiple instances of Genie, the information from this plugin is stored in an XML file outside of Genie. If you change the configuration in one instance of Genie, those changes will not be available in other instances of Genie until the configuration file is reloaded. This can happen by restarting Genie, reloading the plugin from the Plugins>WindowLogger window, or by opening the Plugins>WindowLogger window and pushing Cancel. Also, if you make changes in one instance of Genie and then make other changes in another instance of Genie without reloading the config file in between, the second set of changes will overwrite the first.

Warning: If you run multiple instances of Genie it is recommended that you put {charactername} somewhere in the filename of a log. If you were logging deaths, two instances of Genie saw it and attempted to write to the same log file at the same time, it would result in duplicate entries at best or give you an error at worst.

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