Spell Info

This plugin was designed to replace spell subs, allowing you to pick what spell information to display when you see another character preparing a spell.

You can also use it to look up information on specific spells or get a list of spells by mana type, guild, difficulty, etc.

Installation instructions:

  1. Download SpellInfo.zip
  2. Install SpellInfo.dll & SpellInfo_config.xml in either the Genie Plugins folder (%appdata%\Genie Client 3\Plugins) or your Genie.exe directory, whichever you keep config files in.
  3. Either restart any open instances of Genie, or type: #plugin load SpellInfo.dll ..in each open instance of Genie.
    Until this plugin is approved, you may get a warning saying you are installing an unapproved plugin the first time you load it.

Go to SpellInfo under the Plugins menu to try different spell substitution options.

SpellInfo substitute string examples:

SpellInfo Plugin command line options:

SpellInfo query examples: