Genie Browse

This plugin allows you to search Elanthipedia, Google, (multi-source dictionary),,, or any URL you specify from the Genie command line and it will open the results in your default browser.

The list of sites you can search is configurable from the Plugins>Browse window so that you can add your own.

Installation instructions:

  1. Download
  2. Install GenieBrowse.dll & GenieBrowse.xml in either the Genie Plugins folder (%appdata%\Genie Client 3\Plugins) or your Genie.exe directory, whichever you keep config files in.
  3. Either restart any open instances of Genie, or type: #plugin load GenieBrowse.dll each open instance of Genie.
    Until this plugin is approved, you may get a warning saying you are installing an unapproved plugin the first time you load it.