Goto Labels
Room # Room Name Labels
1Shard, North City GatesEsharis
32Shard, East City GatesNeharon
43Shard, West City GatesKureta
70Shard, Emerald Lane Open MarketFaenella
94Shard, Pearl StreetPearl Street
100Shard, Lapis Lazuli RoadLapis Lazuli Road
106Shard, Street of the Four MoonsFour Moons
111Shard, Coral CrescentCoral Crescent
121Shard, Bloodstone WayBloodstone Way
125Shard, Bloodstone WaySamsaren
126Shard, Bloodstone WayLeucius
127Shard, West BattlementsW Battlements
129Shard, West BridgeMap69_Shard_West_Gate.xml
W Gate
West Gate
130Shard, East BattlementsE Battlements
132Shard, East BridgeMap66_STR3.xml
E Gate
East Gate
Premium Portal
135Shard, North BridgeMap66_STR3.xml
N Gate
North Gate
136Shard, TunnelsMap67a_Shard_Thief.xml
137Shard, The CarouselCarousel
138Shard, Carousel DeskLost and Found
141Meek's StitcheryMeek's Stitchery
142Avlea's Bows, The Straight and ArrowAvlea's Bows
143Greenwalls Tower, Arrow RangeAgility
144MAMAS Company, Shard BranchMAMAS
145Shard, First Bank of IlithiBank
146First Bank of Ilithi, Coin ExchangeExchange
147First Bank of Ilithi, Teller's WindowsTeller
149Shard TunnelsMap67a_Shard_Thief.xml
150Silena's Curio TentSilena's Curio Tent
Curio Tent
155House of the Silver Star, EntrywayHouse of the Silver Star
Silver Star
158Aelik's PawnAelik's Pawn
162Shard TunnelsMap67a_Shard_Thief.xml
163Shard, Abandoned BuildingMap67a_Shard_Thief.xml
164Balint's TilesBalint's Tiles
167Milene's Rose, TavernMilene's Rose
176Scholars' Museum, Gift ShopScholars' Museum
181Mirrors by NoelleMirrors by Noelle
182Genevive's Sweet ToothGenevive's Sweet Tooth
184Hangman's Noose, Common RoomHangman's Noose
188Hangman's Noose, BackroomStrength
189Houses Consulate, FoyerHouses Consulate
191Houses Consulate, Verdant LilyVerdant Lily
199Shard, The New South BridgeLyle
206Shard, The New South BridgeNew South Bridge
South Bridge
208Coin of the RealmCoin of the Realm
211Curious CabinetryCurious Cabinetry
212Tokens of AffectionTokens of Affection
215Budd's Barber ShopBudd's Barber Shop
Barber Shop
216Little FrillsLittle Frills
219The Toy BoxToy Box
220Blazons and BannersBlazons and Banners
221The Heraldry ShopHeraldry Shop
225Bettin' Birdies, The CasinoBettin' Birdies
226Elanthian Travel Tours, Gift ShopElanthian Travel Tours
Gift Shop
227The New Bridge, West TowerW Tower
228The New Bridge, East TowerE Tower
229Shoan a Sidelkuloa, Outdoor SeatingShoan a Sidelkuloa
230Old Ilithi Trade Route, Journey's RestMap68_Shard_South_Gate.xml
S Gate
South Gate
231Tower of Honor, EntrywayTower of Honor
235Tower of Honor, Squire's LevelSquire's Level
236Tower of Honor, Knight's LevelKnight's Level
237Tower of Honor, Justiciar's LevelJusticiar's Level
238Paladins' Guild, Justiciar's StudyDiscipline
Justiciar's Study
239Tower of Honor, Training RoomTraining Room
240Tower of Honor, ChapelChapel
242Tower of Honor, Orb RoomOrb Room
243Tower of Honor, Guildleader's OfficeGL Paladin
RS Paladin
244Miglo's Forge, SuppliesMiglo's Forge
Forge Supplies
245Liani's Heaven, EntranceLiani's Heaven
249Liani's Heaven, Private TableGL Bard
RS Bard
250Liani's Heaven, Barman's AreaBarman's Area
251Liani's Heaven, Small RoomReflex
362Undershard, The SpireSpire
380Undershard, TunnelsMap67a_Shard_Thief.xml
382Malik the True Bard, Instruments and PicksMalik the True Bard
Bard Shop
Music Shop
383Shard, Kilam's LocksLocksmith
384Sierack's Reagents, ShowroomSierack's Reagents
385Shard's Osut'vieShard's Osut'vie
387Osut'vie StillroomHerbs
388Temple of Darkness, FoyerDark Temple
395Temple of Darkness, Glassus' ShopGlassus' Shop
396Temple of Darkness, Grand ChamberTemple of Darkness
397Temple of Darkness, Botolf's AlcoveBotolf
398Temple of Darkness, Hall of AgonyHall of Agony
399Temple of Darkness, Asketi's AlcoveAsketi
400Temple of Darkness, Dergati's AlcoveDergati
401Temple of Darkness, Aldauth's AlcoveAldauth
402Temple of Darkness, Hall of VengeanceHall of Vengeance
403Temple of Darkness, Trothfang's AlcoveTrothfang
404Temple of Darkness, Drogor's AlcoveDrogor
405Temple of Darkness, Be'ort's AlcoveBe'ort
406Temple of Darkness, Hall of DeathHall of Death
407Temple of Darkness, Harawep's AlcoveHarawep
408Temple of Darkness, Kerenhappuch's AlcoveKerenhappuch
409Temple of Darkness, Zachriedek's AlcoveZachriedek
410Temple of Darkness, Hall of MadnessHall of Madness
411Temple of Darkness, Ushnish's AlcoveUshnish
412Temple of Darkness, Huldah's AlcoveHuldah
413Temple of Darkness, Idon's AlcoveIdon
414Shard, Temple of LightLight Temple
417Temple of Light, Dim AlcoveWisdom
418Temple of Light, Grand HallTemple of Light
420Temple of Light, Fountain of Onewater
holy water
422Temple of Light, Contemplation GardenContemplation Garden
423Temple of Light, Alcove of SmaragdausSmaragdaus
424Temple of Light, Alcove of LemicusLemicus
425Temple of Light, Alcove of RutilorRutilor
426Temple of Light, Alcove of EylhaarEylhaar
427Temple of Light, Alcove of DivyaushDivyaush
428Temple of Light, Alcove of PhelimPhelim
429Temple of Light, Alcove of MurrulaMurrula
430Temple of Light, Alcove of Peri'elPeri'el
431Temple of Light, Alcove of BerengariaBerengaria
432Temple of Light, Alcove of KuniyoKuniyo
433Temple of Light, Alcove of AlbredaAlbreda
434Temple of Light, Alcove of AlamhifAlamhif
435Temple of Light, Alcove of FirulfFirulf
436Sister Imadrail's EmporiumCleric Shop
Sister Imadrail's Emporium
437Fiona's Fine Swords and Shields, Front RoomFiona's Fine Swords and Shields
438Silver Eye, FoyerSilver Eye
451Silver Eye, Winter SuiteWinter Suite
452Zerek's General StoreZerek's General Store
453Meiria's Gems and Jewelry, Fatimi the Dealer's BackroomFatimi the Dealer's Backroom
Meiria's Gems and Jewelry
454Quentin's HealeriumHealer
455Lady Atladene's Salon, EntrywayLady Atladene's Salon
457Lady Atladene's Garden, RosesRoses
458Lady Atladene's Garden, Healer's GladePremium Healer
Atladene's Garden
460Lady Atladene's Garden, PoolPool
462Golden Phoenix, Front DeskGolden Phoenix
466Golden Phoenix, Trophy RoomTrophy Room
469Golden Phoenix, Phoenix SuitePhoenix Suite
470Golden Phoenix, Gryphon SuiteGryphon Suite
471Golden Phoenix, Pegasus SuitePegasus Suite
472Golden Phoenix, Roc SuiteRoc Suite
473Crystal Plaza, LobbyCrystal Plaza
listings board
474Crystal Plaza, OfficeOffice
475Crystal Plaza, RotundaRotunda
476Crystal Plaza, StorageStorage
477Crystal Plaza, Food CourtFood Court
478Crystal Plaza, The SeaSea
479Crystal Plaza, Play YardPlay Yard
480Crystal Plaza, Prism RoomPrism Room
481Crystal Plaza, Oak RoomOak Room
482Crystal Plaza, Luminous RoomLuminous Room
483Seats of PlentySeats of Plenty
484Shard, Trader's MercantileMercantile
487A Grand EntranceGrand Entrance
488Stormwill Tower, Entrance HallStormwill Tower
489Stormwill Tower, InfirmaryInfirmary
490Stormwill Tower, Empath GuildGL Empath
K'miriel Lystrandoniel
RS Empath
492Empath's Guild, Waiting RoomWaiting Room
493Empath's Guild, Examining RoomStamina
497Tower of Shadows, Earthen GalleryEarthen Gallery
498Tower of Shadows, Water GalleryWater Gallery
499Tower of Shadows, Aether GalleryAether Gallery
500Tower of Shadows, Fire GalleryFire Gallery
501Tower of Shadows, Air GalleryAir Gallery
503Brickwell Tower, DispatchShipment Clerk
504Brickwell Tower, Entrance HallBrickwell Tower
506Brickwell Tower, Provincial BrokerBroker
507Brickwell Tower, Trade MinisterTrade Minister
508Brickwell Tower, Guildmaster's OfficeGL Trader
RS Trader
509Traders' Guild, Sales ReturnsCharisma
510Stairwell, Second Floor LandingWarrior Mage
517The Great Tower, Garden of ShadowsGarden of Shadows
519The Great Tower, Garden of SerenityGarden of Serenity
521The Great Tower, Kukalakai's GroveKukalakai's Grove
523The Great Tower, Garden of LightsGarden of Lights
524The Great Tower, EntrywayGreat Tower
525The Great Tower, Debt Collector's OfficeDebt
527The Great Tower, Sentinel's OfficeSentinel's Office
Justice Office
528The Great Tower, Chamber of JusticeChamber of Justice
537Moon Mage Guild, AviaryMoon Mage
540Moon Mage Guild, Funeral ChamberFuneral Chamber
541Moon Mage Guild, AtriumMarendin
Astral Plane
544Moon Mage Guild, Maze EntranceIntelligence
Maze Entrance
545Moon Mage Guild, Guildmaster's ChamberGL Moon Mage
RS Moon Mage
547Kukalakai's Grove, Dim GladeDim Glade
548Province of Ilithi, Citizenship OfficeCitizenship
550Demiciil's ArmoryDemiciil's Armory
551Shard, Cleric's GuildGL Cleric
RS Cleric
552Shard, Hall of EnlightenmentHall of Enlightenment
553Shard, Library of Light and DarkLibrary of Light and Dark
560Stormwill Tower, Hall of KnowledgeHall of Knowledge
Warrior Mage library
565Eye of the StormGL Warrior Mage
566Shard, Smuggler's BridgeMap67a_Shard_Thief.xml
Smuggler's Bridge
567Spires of Glory, SalesroomSpires of Glory
568Vaalrin House, Grand FoyerVaalrin House
569Vaalrin House, Duph's TaproomDuph's Taproom
573A Flawless FacadeFlawless Facade
574Painted Ladies DesignPainted Ladies Design
575Painted Ladies Design, the Green RoomGreen Room
576Painted Ladies Design, the Yellow RoomYellow Room
577Painted Ladies Design, the Peach RoomPeach Room
578Painted Ladies Design, the Red RoomRed Room
579Painted Ladies Design, the Violet RoomViolet Room
580Painted Ladies Design, the White RoomWhite Room
581Painted Ladies Design, the Gold RoomGold Room
582Painted Ladies Design, the Blue RoomBlue Room
583House of the Waxen Moons, EntranceHouse of the Waxen Moons
Waxen Moons
586House of the Floating Reed, EntranceHouse of the Floating Reed
Floating Reed
594House of the Steel DoveHouse of the Steel Dove
Steel Dove
595Shard, BasementMap67a_Shard_Thief.xml
596Undershard, TunnelsMap67a_Shard_Thief.xml
597Shard, Thieves' GuildThief
598Thieves' Guild, OfficeGL Thief
608Chambers of the Ferdahl, Sitting RoomChambers of the Ferdahl
610The Great Tower, Hall of FeastsHall of Feasts
611The Great Tower, Hall of DancesHall of Dances
613Hall of Audiences, Seating AreaHall of Audiences
614Milene's Rose, Stablesstables
616Whitehall Commons, Herbal GardensWhitehall Commons
625South Bridge Flats, The VestibuleVestibule
627Shoan a Sidelkuloa, FoyerShoan a Sidelkuloa
628Shoan a Sidelkuloa, LoungeLounge
629Shoan a Sidelkuloa, MemoriesMemories
631Shoan a Sidelkuloa, Balcony LandingBalcony Landing
632Shoan a Sidelkuloa, Box SeatingBox Seating
633Shoan a Sidelkuloa, Mezzanine SeatingMezzanine Seating
634Shoan a Sidelkuloa, Orchestra SeatingOrchestra Seating
635Shoan a Sidelkuloa, BackstageBackstage
636Shoan a Sidelkuloa, Men's Dressing RoomMen's Dressing Room
637Shoan a Sidelkuloa, Women's Dressing RoomWomen's Dressing Room
640Shoan a Sidelkuloa, StageStage
641Shoan a Sidelkuloa, UnderstageUnderstage
644Shard Forging Society, Maker's Mark ShopForging Society
Maker's Mark Shop
645Shard Forging Society, West HallForging Prestige
649Shard Forging Society, Book StandBook Stand
Forging Books
650Shard Forging Society, West HallForging Clerk
653Shard Forging Society, Tool StandTool Stand
Forging Tools
654Shard Forging Society, OfficeForging Office
Forging Charts
658Shard Forging Society, Supply StandSupply Stand
Forging Supplies
661Shard Forging Society, DepotDepot
676Houses Consulate, Rowan BranchRowan Branch
677Houses Consulate, Silk StringsSilk Strings
679Houses Consulate, Ivory ScrollIvory Scroll
680Houses Consulate, Gilded LongleafGilded Longleaf
682Houses Consulate, Grey StormGrey Storm
683Houses Consulate, Gentle LionGentle Lion
684Houses Consulate, Fourth Floor Foyerhouse registration
685Houses Consulate, Butterfly GardenButterfly Garden
699House of the Silver Star, Atop the Willow TreeWillow Tree
700Shard Alchemy Society, EntranceAlchemy Society
Alchemy Prestige
701Shard Alchemy Society, Alchemical MaterialsAlchemy Supplies
702Shard Alchemy Society, BooksAlchemy Books
703Shard Alchemy Society, Alchemical ToolsAlchemy Tools
705Shard Alchemy Society, Work RoomAlchemy Dryer
706Triage BuildingTriage Building
711Shard Engineering Society, DepotEngineering Society
Engineering supplies
712Shard Engineering Society, WorkroomEngineering Workroom1
713Shard Engineering Society, WorkroomEngineering Workroom2
714Shard Engineering Society, WorkroomEngineering Workroom4
715Shard Engineering Society, WorkroomEngineering Workroom3
716Shard Engineering Society, WalkwayEngineering prestige
Engineering charts
717Shard Engineering Society, BookstoreEngineering books
Engineering clerk
718Shard Engineering Society, Tool StoreEngineering tools
719Shard Outfitting Society, Main EntranceOutfitting Society
Outfitting Prestige
720Shard Outfitting Society, Book StoreOutfitting books
722Shard Outfitting Society, Main OfficeOutfitting clerk
723Shard Outfitting Society, Tool ShopOutfitting tools
724Shard Outfitting Society, Material DepotOutfitting supplies
726Shard Outfitting Society, Weaving RoomWeaving1
727Shard Outfitting Society, Weaving RoomWeaving2
728Shard Outfitting Society, Weaving RoomWeaving3
729Shard Outfitting Society, Spinning RoomSpinning1
730Shard Outfitting Society, Spinning RoomSpinning2
731Shard Outfitting Society, Spinning RoomSpinning3
732Milene's Rose, Private BoothPrivate Booth
733Brickwell Tower, The Crystal SparrowCrystal Sparrow
734Houses Consulate, Rooftop PlatformRooftop Platform
Eternal Etrana
Aesry Surlaenis'a
755Tower of Enchantment, AtriumShard Enchanting Society
756Tower of Enchantment, Society Master's OfficeEnchanting Master
757Tower of Enchantment, Tool StoreEnchanting Tools
758Tower of Enchantment, Supply StoreEnchanting Supplies
759Tower of Enchantment, Book StoreEnchanting Books
762Tower of Enchantment, Copper WorkroomEnchanting Workroom 1
763Tower of Enchantment, Bronze WorkroomEnchanting Workroom 3
764Tower of Enchantment, Pewter WorkroomEnchanting Workroom 2
765Tower of Enchantment, Silver WorkroomEnchanting Workroom 6
766Tower of Enchantment, Gold WorkroomEnchanting Workroom 5
767Tower of Enchantment, Platinum WorkroomEnchanting Workroom 4
783Shard, Registrar's OfficeItem Registration Office
Registration Office