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Room # Room Name Labels
1Gondola, Cab NorthMap998_Transports.xml
2Obsidian Pass, PlatformPlatform
8Obsidian Pass, Mountain TrailRTZ28
9Obsidian Pass, Mountain TrailRTZ29
11Obsidian Pass, Narrow Tracksnowbeasts
35The Gash, Small CopseShrine3-1
40Foothills, Steep PathRTZ27
100Southern Trade Route, Esouvar DerielMap61_Leth_Deriel.xml
Leth Deriel
101Silhouette Forest, Near the Southern Trade RouteMap63_Oshu'ehhrsk_Manor.xml
103Tamsine's Rest, Gate HouseGate House
104Trevellyn's of Leth Deri'el, EntryTrevellyn's of Leth Deri'el
105Trevellyn's of Leth Deri'el, Clerical SuppliesClerical Supplies
106Trevellyn's of Leth Deri'el, Women's ClothingWomen's Clothing
107Trevellyn's of Leth Deri'el, Bridal FashionsBridal Fashions
108Trevellyn's of Leth Deri'el, Travel FashionsTravel Fashions
109Trevellyn's of Leth Deri'el, Gentlemen's AttireGentlemen's Attire
112Trevellyn's of Leth Deri'el, Fine JewelryFine Jewelry
113Trevellyn's of Leth Deri'el, Jeweler's WorkroomJeweler's Workroom
114Trevellyn's of Leth Deri'el, Party PlanningParty Planning
116Tamsine's Rest, LawnTamsine's Rest
117Tamsine's Rest, Topiary GardenTopiary Garden
119Tamsine's Rest, Knot GardenKnot Garden
121Tamsine's Rest, Herb GardensHerb Gardens
122Tamsine's Rest, Formal GardenFormal Garden
125Tamsine's Rest, Wooden BridgeWooden Bridge
128Tamsine's Rest, Lake ShoreLake Shore
130Rose-covered GazeboGazebo
152Guard HouseClerk
153Chasm, Vertical PotholeMap65_Under_the_Gondola.xml
163The Frozen Heavens, Silent AscentNimbuses
171The Frozen Heavens, Unfathomable GrottoObelisk
176Trevellyn's of Leth Deri'el, The Bridal BlushBridal Blush