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Room # Room Name Labels
1Aboard the Mammoth, PlatformSea Mammoth
2Fang Cove, Dockmammoths
4The Shanty, Common RoomShanty
8Fang Cove, WalkwayBacon Man
17Yrisa's HutHealer
Yrisa's Hut
42The Enclave at Fang CoveEnclave
53Shore Walk, Rocky PathMap90_Ratha.xml
54Osmandikar's Crafts and Repair, ShowroomRepair Metal
55Lakyan's Tailored Goods and Repair, Sales FloorRepair Leather
64Talas Sagamat, AlcoveTalas Sagamat
76First Council Banking, VestibuleFirst Council Banking
77First Council Banking, Foreign ExchangePremium Exchange
78First Council Banking, ExchangesExchange
85Fang Cove, Fate's Fortune LaneEXIT portal
90First Council Banking, VaultTeller
123Fang's Rise, Hidden CaveDepart
127The GemmeryGems
128Inside Tentgift
Token raffle
129A Squat Bungalow, EntrySquat Bungalow
130A Squat Bungalow, Crafter ThazzucCrafter Thazzuc
131A Squat Bungalow, FountainFountain
136Cabana, Waiting RoomCabana
alteration list
137Gorund's FursTanner
138The Shanty, Living AreaMeeting
139The Strand, Sandy PathMap1_Crossing.xml
140Riverhaven, Town SquareMap30_Riverhaven.xml
141Langenfirth, JalgelvjeguMap40_Langenfirth_to_Therenborough.xml
142North Road, Barony PassMap40_Langenfirth_to_Therenborough.xml
143Muspar'i, Great Gate SquareMap47_Muspar'i.xml
144Leth Deriel, Sana'ati Dyaus Drui'tasMap61_Leth_Deriel.xml
145Shard, East BridgeMap66_STR3.xml
146Inner Hibarnhvidar, Main CavernMap116_Hibarnhvidar.xml
147Ain Ghazal Chateau, FoyerMap114_Ain_Ghazal.xml
148Ratha, Port WalkMap90_Ratha.xml
149Aesry Surlaenis'a, Staho Lanahh'MusMap99_Aesry_Surlaenis'a.xml
150Carillon, GardenMap107_Mer'Kresh.xml
151Island Ring Road, Belarritaco BayMap108_M'Riss.xml
153Wagon Interior, Jisi's RafflesJisi's Raffles
154Seasoned Dressings, FoyerSeasoned Dressings
155Seasoned Dressings, Winter ChamberWinter Chamber
156Seasoned Dressings, Spring ChamberSpring Chamber
157Seasoned Dressings, Summer ChamberSummer Chamber
158Seasoned Dressings, Autumn ChamberAutumn Chamber
159Functional Furniture, Fang Cove BranchFunctional Furniture
160Ocan's Bait and TackleOcan's Bait and Tackle
Ocan Zendall
161An Oak Hut, InteriorOak Hut
162The Shanty, Storage CellarStorage Cellar
165Fang Cove, Obsidian DomeObsidian Dome
Astral Plane
166Frother's BeastsFrother's Beasts
169The Black Orchid, Front RoomBlack Orchid
172The Knob, Beds GaloreKnob
176Cute Critters, Critter CornerCute Critters
177The Book Nook, Book RoomBook Nook
Book Room
178Phior's Fashions, ShowroomPhior's Fashions
179Advanced Anatomy, AtriumAdvanced Anatomy
181Fang Cove Crafting Society Hall, Main EntryCrafting Society Hall
183Fang Cove Outfitting Society, HallwayOutfitting Society
Tailoring Society
Outfitting prestige
185Fang Cove Outfitting Society, Book StoreOutfitting books
186Fang Cove Outfitting Society, Tool StoreOutfitting tools
187Fang Cove Outfitting Society, Supply DepotOutfitting supplies
189Fang Cove Outfitting Society, OfficeOutfitting Office
190Fang Cove Alchemy Society, HallwayAlchemy Society
Alchemy prestige
Alchemy Workroom1
191Fang Cove Alchemy Society, HallwayAlchemy Workroom2
192Fang Cove Alchemy Society, Book StoreAlchemy books
193Fang Cove Alchemy Society, Tool StoreAlchemy tools
194Fang Cove Alchemy Society, Supply DepotAlchemy supplies
195Fang Cove Alchemy Society, OfficeAlchemy Office
196Fang Cove Forging Society, HallwayForging Society
Forging prestige
200Fang Cove Forging Society, Supply ShopForging supplies
201Fang Cove Forging Society, Maker's Mark ShopMaker's Marks
202Fang Cove Forging Society, Book ShopForging books
203Fang Cove Forging Society, Supply Depotdeeds
204Fang Cove Forging Society, OfficeForging Office
205Fang Cove Crafting Society Hall, StorageCrafting clerk
Alchemy clerk
Engineering clerk
Forging clerk
Outfitting clerk
Repair Clerk
206Fang Cove Engineering Society, HallwayEngineering Society
Engineering prestige
207Fang Cove Engineering Society, BookstoreEngineering Books
208Fang Cove Engineering Society, Supply DepotEngineering supplies
209Fang Cove Engineering Society, Tool StoreEngineering tools
210Fang Cove Engineering Society, OfficeEngineering office
211Fang Cove Outfitting Society, Weaving RoomWeaving1
212Fang Cove Outfitting Society, Weaving RoomWeaving2
213Fang Cove Outfitting Society, Spinning RoomSpinning1
214Fang Cove Outfitting Society, Spinning RoomSpinning2
215Fang Cove Forging Society, Tool ShopForging tools
216Fang Cove Forging Society, CrucibleFoundry1
217Fang Cove Forging Society, ForgeForge1
218Fang Cove Forging Society, CrucibleFoundry2
219Fang Cove Forging Society, ForgeForge2
220Fang Cove Engineering Society, WorkshopEngineering Workshop1
221Fang Cove Engineering Society, WorkshopEngineering Workshop2
222Fang Cove, CarouselCarousel
223Fang Cove, Carousel DeskLost and Found
224Fang Cove, Item Registration Officeregister
229Fang Cove, Community Gazebogazebo
230Aboard the Mammoth, Platform]Tall Mammoth
Leth Deriel
231Acenamacra PierMap58_Acenamacra_Village.xml
234Fang Cove Enchanting Society, BookstoreEnchanting books
235Fang Cove Enchanting Society, Tool StoreEnchanting tools
236Fang Cove Enchanting Society, Supply StoreEnchanting supplies
237Fang Cove Enchanting Society, Society Master's OfficeEnchanting Office
238Fang Cove Enchanting Society, Diamond WorkroomDiamond workroom
Enchanting workroom 3
239Fang Cove Enchanting Society, Emerald WorkroomEmerald workroom
Enchanting workroom 4
240Fang Cove Enchanting Society, Ruby WorkroomRuby workroom
Enchanting workroom 2
241Fang Cove Enchanting Society, Sapphire WorkroomSapphire workroom
Enchanting workroom 1