Goto Labels
Room # Room Name Labels
1Dunes of Despair, Sand ValleyAdult Armadillos
34Hidisharon Desert, DunesDitch
42Hidisharon Desert, OasisOasis
119Fever Point, Under PierPiling
125Fever Point, PierPier
150Island Ring Road, Belarritaco BayPremium Portal
151Belarritaco Bay, The Galley DockGalley
158Wishing Well Grove, The WellWell
168Fala Inisharon, Upper SlopesDepart Room
189Fala Inisharon, The Twin OakTwin Oak
193Fala Inisharon, The Silvery CypressSilvery Cypress
199Fala Inisharon, A Massive CypressMassive Cypress
202Fala Inisharon, The Young CypressYoung Cypress
222Fala Inisharon, The Stooping Cypressballoon
223Fala Inisharon, The Vine-covered CypressVine-covered Cypress
264The Island, A Hunter's ShelterShelter
275Galduta Isharon, The OutcroppingBoulder
280Galduta Isharon, The West FaceFavor Altar
285Galduta Isharon, The East FaceZZZ TEST POOL ZZZ
303Fala Inisharon, The White OakWhite Oak
307The Galley SanegazatMap107a_Belarritaco_Bay.xml
308The Galley CercorimMap107a_Belarritaco_Bay.xml
323Fever Point, Zhendil's EmporiumZhendil's Emporium
329Penal Colony, Northwest Ring RoadPenal Gate
352Forlorn Hope, ClearingForlorn Hope
378Fang Cove, Fate's Fortune LaneMap150_Fang_Cove.xml
383Hidisharon Desert, Dune's EdgeJuvenile Armadillos
391Dunes of Despair, High DunesElder Armadillos
403Tavayon, Lake BedPremium Juvies
410Tavayon, Water's EdgePremium Elders