Goto Labels
Room # Room Name Labels
2Andreshlew, South DockDolphins
5Andreshlew, GuardhouseGuardhouse
9Andreshlew, Palace RoadChocolate
10The Male Persuasion, Sales FloorThe Male Persuasion
Male Persuasion
11Birds of a Feather, ShowroomBirds of a Feather
12Two Doors Down, SalesroomTwo Doors Down
15Crimson Dragon Gaming, Lily RoomWeard Kweld
16Crimson Dragon Gaming, Swordsman's HallDeathdragon
27Beachcomber Delights, SalesroomBeachcomber Delights
31ArtSea Gifts and Souvenirs, Main RoomArtSea Gifts and Souvenirs
32Puffs of Glitter, Shiny SmellsPuffs of Glitter
33Sketchy By Design, GallerySketchy By Design
35The Joys of Noise, Island BeatsJoys of Noise
39The Mind of SdaiMind of Sdai
40In Shining Armor, ShowroomIn Shining Armor
Shining Armor
41Wally's World of Walls, SalesfloorWally's World of Walls
42All the Loot, Containers GaloreAll the Loot
43Altered ReactionsAltered Reactions
44Force of HabitForce of Habit
46The Initial IdeaInitial Idea
48The Future is Now, Armillary SphereFuture is Now
49Hashal's HavenHarshal's Haven
50All in Good Tome, Good ReadsAll in Good Tome
Good Tome
54Fialma's Fine TilesTiles
55The Naked Sheep, Woolly WearsNaked Sheep
57Sithrim's Speciality TablesSithrim's Speciality Tables
58Comfortable Rakash, Form is FunctionComfortable Rakash
59Dock of Many Flings, SalesroomDock of Many Flings
62Accents for the Arachnophile, Jewels and AccessoriesAccents for the Arachnophile
65Accents for the Arachnophile, Offense and DefenseArachnophile Weapons
66Old Elmer's, Main RoomOld Elmer's
67Women at Arms Annex, Sales floorWomen at Arms
68Affair of the Art, SalesfloorAffair of the Art
69Tweets, SalesroomTweets
70Siegery Shop, SoldiersSiegery
72Whimsical WindsWhimsical Winds
73Pane in the Glass, ShowroomPane in the Glass
74Playarhin's PitsPlayarhin's Pits
75Bam Bam's, SalesroomBam Bam
76In The Snow, OuterwearIn The Snow
78Gaming Hall, Crown and Anchor VenueCrown and Anchor
80Andreshlew, Holy ShrineShrine
81Clear Visions, Front RoomClear Visions
82Darsam's Drifters, A Small AlcoveDarsam's Drifters
83Nest o' SnakesNest o' Snakes
87Andreshlew's Grand RaffleRaffle
88Saidakyp of Andreshlew, LobbyGift
89Saidakyp of Andreshlew, Registrar's OfficeRegistrar's Office
item registration
90Saidakyp of Andreshlew, LoungeMerchant Lounge
91Bobbing for LampreyBobbing for Lamprey
92Limited Treasures, Sales FloorLimited Treasures
93The Gallaenia, Fore DeckGallaenia
95The Gallaenia, Purser's OfficeBank
110Andreshlew, SaphtinagiUndertaker Grichye
Depart Messages
111Andreshlew, RubtanagiWierge
Login Messages
112Andreshlew, RaldtanagiFortuneteller
124A Cultured Attire, The Mountain ElvesA Cultured Attire
Cultured Attire
132Gearanimals, Main RoomGearanimals
133Give 'Em the BootGive Em the Boot
134Floors for Thought, Main SalesfloorFloors for Thought
135Holey Warez, SalesfloorHoley Warez
136I'll Eat My Hat, ShowroomIll Eat My Hat
138Cowsmoopolitan, SalesroomCowsmoopolitan
139The Finer Things, Front RoomThe Finer Things
Finer Things
142Stupid Terrestrian Tricks, StandsStupid Terrestrian Tricks
143All The King's Men, EntranceAll The Kings Men
147Pita Pan, MainroomPita Pan
148The Kitten Emporium, Hollowed HomesKitten Emporium
149Natural Selections, On Your GuardNatural Selections
152Ode to Glythtide, TaproomOde to Glythtide
155One Man's Trash, Sales RoomOne Mans Trash
156Hunka's Burning LoveHunka's Burning Love
157Nidia's NightmaresNidia's Nightmares
158Skyward Crafting, Lofty EnchantmentsSkyward Crafting
163Empty Settings, ShowroomEmpty Settings
164Tea For Tamsine, EntranceTea For Tamsine
167The Musiceum, Orchestral ManoeuvresMusiceum
169Sea Otter Smash, DenSea Otter Smash
171Fabric Fantasies, SalesroomFabric Fantasies
172Sew It Seems, EntranceSew It Seems
177Under the SeaUnder the Sea
178Sputkin's Splendors, EntrySputkin's Splendors
185The Ghostly Galleria of Spiritual SouvenirsGhostly Galleria of Spiritual Souvenirs
Ghostly Galleria
186Flower Power, Sales FloorFlower Power
187Made for WalkingMade for Walking
188Nigeyi's, Purveyor of Fine FootwearNigeyi's
195Crystal CavernWater Tunnel Race
199Corroded Corner, Damp CaveCorroded Corner
200Reinventing the Wheel, EntryReinventing the Wheel
202Galleria of GartersGalleria of Garters
203Ritual Addiction, CeremonyRitual Addiction
205In The HollowIn The Hollow
206Tastelessly Tacky, VestibuleTastelessly Tacky
210Tieheq with the Thirteen, VestibuleTieheq with the Thirteen
214Skin Art by JaecindaSkin Art by Jaecinda
215The Stylish Stallion, SalesroomStylish Stallion
216Cartilage CrushersCartilage Crushers
217Silken Seams, ShowroomSilken Seams
218Hidden TreasuresHidden Treasures
219Misenseor Goods, EntranceMisenseor Goods
224Jhanine Dering Cloaks, Sales FloorJhanine Dering Cloaks
225Everything in Moderation, Main RoomEverything in Moderation
226Heikea, Food DisplayHeikea
230Quiver In FearQuiver In Fear
231Mob Mentality, Dilapidated ShowroomMob Mentality
233This Little Piggy, Stayed HomeThis Little Piggy
Little Piggy
235Eye SpyEye Spy
236Ahreusse's Atelier, Adroit ArtistryAhreusse's Atelier
238Lute The Room, MainroomLute The Room
239Wedding Belles, FoyerWedding Belles
244Chuffed To Be Stuffed, Large WorkshopChuffed To Be Stuffed
245Scentsations, Sweet SensesScentsations
250Piralpa Tridents, Coral ShowroomPiralpa Tridents
253Dark Symphony, AllegroDark Symphony
257Eluned's Dreams in FleshEluned's Dreams in Flesh
258Gosling's Exotic FishGosling's Exotic Fish
259Jousting Grounds, Lances and Roses Souvenir ShopLances and Roses Souvenir Shop
Jousting Grounds
263Shaper's Furnishings, Golden SkiesShaper's Furnishings
264Silah's SundriesSilah's Sundries