Goto Labels
Room # Room Name Labels
4Riverhaven, River Road WestDGS
8Riverhaven, Town SquareTown Square
Premium Portal
Kraelyst start point
travel start point
25Riverhaven, Ring Road Eastnaphtha cart
33Riverhaven, Ring Road WestConvenient Spot
Stolen Goods
36Riverhaven, Silvermoon RoadSilvermoon Road
43Riverhaven, Halfling QuarterWell
47Riverhaven, Crescent WayCrescent Way
59Riverhaven, Theren Waycrate
75City Togs, Sales RoomCity Togs
76Town Jail, LobbyGuard House
82Salt Yard, Barge DockThrone City Barge
85Salt Yard, Sandy PathSandcastle Cove
93Saltfisher Inn, Common RoomSaltfisher Inn
Harwell Dryfoot
99Riverhaven, PierLangenfirth Barge
Therenborough Barge
100Gwenalion Marina, Lubasa DockMarina
103Riverhaven, Ferry DockCrossing Ferry
104Riverhaven, East PierBoats
108Aldamus Guesthouse, Dining RoomAldamus Dining Room
114Riverhaven, A Garden PathWar Mage Guild
115Warrior Mage Guild, Entrance HallGL Warrior Mage
125Temple, GardenTemple
126Temple, GardenPool of water
132Temple, Dark ShrineShrine2-02
133Temple, ShrineShrine2-01
136Traders' Guild, Caravan StableCaravan Stable
137Traders' Guild, Shipping DockShipment Clerk
138Riverhaven, Brebokt's TentReflex Training
139Bards' Guild, FoyerBard Guild
141Bards' Guild, Guildmaster's OfficeGL Bard
RS Bard
142Elamir's BakeryElamir's Bakery
143Glazed Expressions, Display AreaGlazed Expressions
window shop
148MAMAS Company, Riverhaven BranchMAMAS Company
149Crin's Herbal Shop, SalesroomCrin's Herbal Shop
150Riverhaven, Cleric ShopCleric Shop
152Empaths' Guild, EntranceGL Empath
Nebela Mentrade
RS Empath
154And So To BedAnd So To Bed
bed shop
155Bank of Riverhaven, Main LobbyBank
156Bank of Riverhaven, TellerTeller
157Bank of Riverhaven, Foreign ExchangeMoney-changer
158House of Bardic Blues, Wayfarer's DenHouse of Bardic Blues
Wayfarer's Den
Bard shop
159Riverhaven Trader Market, Reception HallTables
164Thringol's Weapon Shop, SalesroomThringol's Weapon Shop
165Mirglyn Sisters, GoldsmithsMirglyn Sisters
166Smaragdaus' Joy, Front RoomSmaragdaus' Joy
168Noot's Teahouse, Main RoomNoot's Teahouse
169Ss'Thran's Locks, WorkroomSs'Thran's Locks
170Cecelia's Blossoms, ShowroomCecelia's Blossoms
171Anthelorm's Gems and Curios, Purchasing OfficeAnthelorm's Gems and Curios
172Fara's Furs, ShowroomFara's Furs
173Noel's Arms, ShowroomNoel's Arms
174Riverhaven Exterior, Southwest GateMap33_Riverhaven_West_Gate.xml
W Gate
199Dead Bird's ParadiseDead Bird's Paradise
200Enfermine's Dry Goods, ShowroomEnfermine's Dry Goods
dry goods
general store
201Her OpulenceMap998_Transports.xml
202His Daring ExploitMap998_Transports.xml
203Riverhaven, Stone BridgeMap31_Riverhaven_East_Gate.xml
E Gate
204Riverhaven, Outside North GateMap32_Riverhaven_North_Gate.xml
N Gate
205Theren's Star, DeckMap998_Transports.xml
206Bantheld's Ironworks, SalesroomBantheld's Ironworks
208Unspiek's Repair Shop, WorkroomUnspiek's Repair Shop
Repair Metal
209Seli's Armory, Sales RoomSeli's Armory
210Riverhaven, Dance AcademyAgility Training
211Temple, Shadowy ChamberDiscipline Training
213Academy, LibraryAcademy Library
214Academy, Lecture HallCharisma Training
215Academy, Lecture HallWisdom Training
216Academy, Lecture HallIntelligence Training
217Clerics' Guild, Main EntranceClerics' Guild
218Lybadel, Main DeckMap998_Transports.xml
221Lokthal's Bakery Shop, SalesroomLokthal's Bakery Shop
222Clothiers, Sales FloorClothiers
223A Touch of ComfortTouch of Comfort
chair shop
224Riverhaven, Traders' Guild LobbyTrader
Trade Minister
225Traders' Guild, Foreign Trade OfficeInterprovincial Broker
226Traders' Guild, OfficeGL Trader
RS Trader
233Traders' Guild, Auction HallAuction Hall
234Town Hall LobbyTown Hall Lobby
236Town Hall, Hall of Public AssemblyPublic Assembly
237Town Hall, Mayor's OfficeMayor's Office
238Town Hall, Debt OfficeDebt
239Pierless Inn, CourtyardPierless Inn
258Pierless Inn, Roof GardenRoof Garden Telescope
259Pierless Inn, Moon Mage TentMoon Mage Tent
270Town Jail, Judgement ChamberJudgement Chamber
273Noble Inn, FoyerNoble Inn
274Noble Inn, StablesStable
295Magnolia Corner, Blossom CircleMagnolia Corner
296Dunkard's TavernDunkard's Tavern
297Riverhaven, Ioun's PawnIoun's Pawn
298Zanthron's Artificer Shop, SalesroomZanthron's Artificer Shop
301Fine Leaf's End, Sales RoomTobacco Shop
305Blind Alley, Corner SlipRookery
318Riverhaven Hospital, Tending ChamberHealer
325Riverhaven, Warehouse OfficeDaralaendra
331Armiger's Mansion, FoyerArmiger's Mansion
Estate Holders
332Armiger's Mansion, Members' LoungeMembers' Lounge
333Armiger's Mansion, Teller WindowsPremium Teller
335Armiger's Mansion, Foreign ExchangePremium Exchange
338Armiger's Mansion, GemsellerPremium Gems
342Bantheld's Ironworks, BackroomStrength Training
343Clerics' Guild, Guildmaster's OfficeGL Cleric
RS Cleric
358City StatementsCity Statements
door shop
361Riverhaven, CarouselVaults
Carousel Square
364Noble Inn Stable, Tack RoomTack Room
365Noble Inn, Stablemaster's OfficeSamlet
368The Masinyo Audru, Fore WaistMasinyo Audru
chartered boat
370Seli's Armory, WorkshopRepair Leather
372Small House, Main RoomFaysien
374Small House, Master BedroomLalbot
376Mayor's Mansion, Entrance HallMayor's Mansion
384Dunshade Manor, Front LawnMap30a_Dunshade_Manor.xml
Dunshade Manor
385Sandcastle Cove, Driftwood DesignsSandcastle Cove
Driftwood Designs
392Noble Inn Stables, Brokerage OfficeBrokerage Office
393Noble Inn, Paladin Representative's QuartersGL Paladin
RS Paladin
396Riverhaven, Smugglers' PassageMap30b_Riverhaven_Thief.xml
397Riverhaven, Smugglers' PassageMap30b_Riverhaven_Thief.xml
398Forging Society, HallwayForging Society
399Forging Society, Crafting Shopforging tools
400Forging Society, Supply Shopforging supplies
413Thieves' Guild, A Shadowed CornerGL Thief Coop
416Thieves' Guild, A Shadowed CornerGL Thief Halfling
GL Thief Own Kind
GL Thief Kind
420Thieves' Guild, A Shadowed CornerGL Thief Pawnshop
GL Thief Selling Goods
422Thieves' Guild, A Shadowed CornerGL Thief Silvermoon Road
GL Thief Silvermoonroad
424Thieves' Guild, A Shadowed CornerGL Thief Crescent Way
GL Thief Crescentway
427Thieves' Guild, A Shadowed CornerGL Thief Rookery
429Knight's Hall, FoyerKnight's Hall
Market Plaza
listings board
430Knight's Hall, Keep RoomKeep Room
431Knight's Hall, Dungeon RoomDungeon Room
432Knight's Hall, Storage AreaStorage Area
433Knight's Hall, Rose RoomRose Room
434Knight's Hall, Warrior RoomWarrior Room
435Knight's Hall, Food PlazaFood Plaza
436Knight's Hall, Children's RoomChildren's Room
437Knight's Hall, Theatre RoomTheatre Room
438Knight's Hall, World RoomWorld Room
439Knight's Hall, The Back RoomBack Room
440Knight's Hall, Administration OfficeAdministration Office
441Forging Society, Book StoreForge
Forging Prestige
442Forging Society, Deed VendorDeed Vendor
443Forging Society, Maker's Mark ShopMaker's Mark Shop
444The Kree'la, Main DeckMap998_Transports.xml
445Fang Cove, Fate's Fortune LaneMap150_Fang_Cove.xml
Fang Cove
448Outfitting Society, Book StoreOutfitting Society
449Outfitting Society, HallwayOutfitting Prestige
450Outfitting Society, Supply DepotOutfitting Supplies
451Outfitting Society, Tool StoreOutfitting Tools
461Engineering Society, Main HallEngineering Society
462Engineering Society, Paarupensteen's OfficePaarupensteen's Office
463Engineering Society, Repair ShopTool Repairs
Repair Tools
464Engineering Society, Hallway and BookstoreEngineering Prestige
465Engineering Society, Crafting SuppliesEngineering Tools
466Engineering Society, Resource DepotEngineering Supplies
Stone Depot
470Alchemy Society, Entrance and Tool StoreAlchemy Society
Alchemy Tools
472Alchemy Society, Lobby and SuppliesAlchemy Supplies
482Alchemy Society, Book StoreAlchemy Books
Alchemy Prestige
483Northern Pride, Main DeckMap998_Transports.xml
484Old BoardwalkOld Boardwalk
485Boardwalk, Pigeon's RoostPigeon's Roost
488Boardwalk, Tavern ApproachTavern Approach
489The Tepid Faldesu, LobbyTepid Faldesu
494The Tepid Faldesu, Gambler's DenGambler's Den
500The Tepid Faldesu, Smoking DenSmoking Den
508Cavern, Clinical LaboratoryClinical Laboratory
509Cavern, Visceral LaboratoryVisceral Laboratory
510Cavern, Shady MerchantShady Merchant
515Bards' Guild, Anthology CellarAnthology Cellar