Goto Labels
Room # Room Name Labels
11The Crossing, Clanthew BoulevardApostle Headquarters
Apostle HQ
14The Crossing, Town Green NorthTown Green
Wanted Board
15The Crossing, Town Green SoutheastTGSE
16The Crossing, Town Green SouthTGS
17The Crossing, Town Green NortheastTGNE
19The Crossing, S'zella PlazaS'zella Plaza
23The Crossing, Town Green SouthwestTGSW
29The Crossing, Clanthew BoulevardBard
42The Crossing, Hodierna WayKraelyst start point
travel start point
43The Crossing, Immortals' Approachalmsbox
45The Crossing, Werfnen's StroleWerfnen's Strole
50The Strand, Sandy PathPremium Portal
banyan tree
94The Crossing, Oxenwaithe BridgeOxenwaithe Bridge
100The Crossing, Swithen's CourtSwithen's Court
103The Crossing, Inkhorne StreetInkhorne Street
105The Crossing, Inkhorne StreetDrelstead Prison
106The Crossing, Elmod CloseElmod Close
125The Crossing, Fostra SquareFostra Square
146The Crossing, Northeast CustomsNE Customs
160The Crossing, Hodierna WayFirst Land Herald
news stand
168The Crossing, Landfall DockLandfall Dock
169The Crossing Docks, South EndDocks
First Land Herald
news stand
170Eastern Tier, Outside GateMap8_Crossing_East_Gate.xml
E Gate
171Northeast Wilds, Outside Northeast GateMap7_NTR.xml
NE Gate
172Mycthengelde, FlatlandsMap4_Crossing_West_Gate.xml
W Gate
173North Turnpike, ForestMap6_Crossing_North_Gate.xml
N Gate
177The Crossing, Riverpine CircleRiverpine Circle
183The Crossing, Riverpine CircleCaele
185Crossing, The CarouselCarousel
188Crossing, Carousel DeskLost and Found
189Berolt's Dry Goods, ShowroomBerolt's Dry Goods
190Berolt's Dry Goods, StorageDry Goods Storage
foot brush
scale brush
weapon strap
191Milgrym's Weapons, ShowroomMilgrym's Weapons
192Tembeg's Armory, SalesroomTembeg's Armory
194Tembeg's Armory, Bellows RoomStrength
195Asemath Academy, EntranceAsemath Academy
198Asemath Academy, Admissions CenterAdmissions Center
199Asemath Academy, Eastern Walkwaymagical feat trainer
208Asemath Academy, Freshman ClassroomFreshman Classroom
209Asemath Academy, Freshman LibraryFreshman Library
211Asemath Academy, AuditoriumAuditorium
212Asemath Academy, ClassroomWisdom
213Asemath Academy, ClassroomIntelligence
218Ragge's Locksmithing, SalesroomRagge's Locksmithing
219Mauriga's Botanicals, SalesroomMauriga's Botanicals
220Falken's Tannery, WorkshopBundles
222Falken's Tannery, Supply RoomFalken's Tannery
223Herilo's Artifacts, ShowroomHerilo's Artifacts
Artificer's Shop
225The Crossing, Town Green NorthwestTGNW
226Chizili's Alchemical Goods, SalesroomChizili's Alchemical Goods
228Catrox's Forge, EntrywayCatrox's Forge
Repair Metal
231First Provincial Bank, LobbyBank
232Provincial Bank, Money-changerExchange
233Provincial Bank, TellerTeller
235Riverfront Portage, DockRiverfront Portage
236The Crossing, Alfren's FerryAlfren's Ferry
First Land Herald
news stand
237Barana's Shipyard, Receiving YardRats
243Barana's Shipyard, Lumber StorageShipyard
247Barana's Shipyard, Sail BargeSail Barge
260Willow Walk, FountainWillow Walk
264Crossing, Midton CircleNavesi
266Crossing, Midton CircleMidton Circle
274Fayl'Shar Court, Almhara ArchFayl'Shar Court
Almhara Arch
278Fayl'Shar Court, Goldstone SquareAnli Arch
282Fayl'Shar Court, Goldstone SquareTulvora Arch
284Fayl'Shar Court, Goldstone SquareBan-Minahle Arch
288Fayl'Shar Court, Goldstone SquarePeregan Arch
293Goldstone Arboretum, Crystal FountainGoldstone Arboretum
294Jadewater Mansion, Cobbled PathMap1m_Crossing_Jadewater.xml
Jadewater Mansion
301Barbarian Guild, Stamina Training RoomStamina
302Barbarian Guild, Main HallGL Barbarian
RS Barbarian
305Barbarian Guild, Stadium PitsStadium Pits
307Empaths' Guild, Courtyard GardenEmpaths' Guild
vela'tohr plant
RS Empath
308Empaths' Guild, Guildleader's OfficeGL Empath
309Empaths' Guild, InfirmaryInfirmary
310Empaths' Guild, LibraryEmpath library
311Town Hall, LobbyTown Hall
312Town Hall, Citizenship Registration OfficeCitizenship Registration Office
313Town Hall, Permits OfficePermits Office
314Town Hall, Debtors' OfficeDebt
315Town Hall, Home Exchange OfficeHome Exchange Office
322Town Hall, Public Meeting RoomPublic Meeting Room
323Town Hall, Lottery OfficeLottery Office
324Town Hall, Genealogy OfficeGenealogy Office
325Orem's Bathhouse, LobbyOrem's Bathhouse
337Wilds, Pine Needle PathRangers
Pine Needle Path
338Exterior MotivesExterior Motives
Mebblec Gumsroe
339Traders' Guild, Main HallTrader
343Traders' Guild, Auction HallAuction Hall
344Clerics' Guild, SanctorumSanctorum
RS Cleric
345Clerics' Guild, Esuin's StudyGL Cleric
349Clerics' Guild, Gathering HallCleric
Gathering Hall
350Clerics' Guild, RefectoryRefectory
351Clerics' Guild, ChapelShrine1-04
356Traders' Guild, Hall of RecordsTrade Minister
357Traders' Guild, Shipment CenterShipment Clerk
358Traders' Guild, Foreign Trade OfficeInterprovincial Broker
359Traders' Guild, The PitPit
361Traders' Guild, Gold Key ClubGold Key Club
363Traders' Guild, Hall of AwardsRS Trader2
365Traders' Guild, Office of the GuildleaderGL Trader
RS Trader1
366A Mud HovelDiscipline
367The Academy of AgilityAgility
368The Skirr'lolasu, Main DeckMap998_Transports.xml
369Grisgonda's Gems and JewelsGrisgonda's Gems and Jewels
370Grisgonda's, Appraisal RoomGems
376Behind the Amphitheater, Center of the DigExcavation Site
378The Crossing Amphitheater, The Seating AreaAmphitheater
379The Crossing, Mongers' BazaarMags
Firewood Peddler
380The Crossing, Mongers' SquareGnomish workman
381Rartan's Collegium of Inner Juggling and ReflexologyReflex
385Woodruff's Recitation RoomCharisma
386Crossing, Northeast Gate BattlementsNE Battlements
389Outside East Wall, FootpathMap8_Crossing_East_Gate.xml
390Crossing, Battlement GuardhouseBattlement Guardhouse
391Mongers' Bazaar, Traders' MarketMongers' Bazaar
397Crossing, South Wall BattlementsS Battlements
398Crossing, West Gate BattlementsW Battlements
401The True Bard D'Or, Fine InstrumentsTrue Bard D'Or
402Outside East Wall, FootpathMap8_Crossing_East_Gate.xml
403Mycthengelde, FlatlandsMap4_Crossing_West_Gate.xml
404Guard House, OfficeGuard House
406Guard House, Chamber of JusticeJudge
407Brother Durantine's ShopBrother Durantine's Shop
427The Healerie, The Blue AreaBlue Area
428The Healerie, The White AreaHealerie
White Area
429The Healerie, The Yellow AreaYellow Area
430The Healerie, The Viewing AreaViewing Area
432Martyr Saedelthorp, TriageHealer
Martyr Saedelthorp
433Cormyn's House of HeirloomsCormyn's House of Heirlooms
434Northwall Trail, Wooded GroveMap4_Crossing_West_Gate.xml
435Marcipur's Stitchery, WorkshopMarcipur's Stitchery
436Talmai's Cobblery, SalesroomTalmai's Cobblery
439A Damp CavernDamp Cavern
440Temple Grounds, Entry GatesMap2a_Temple.xml
464Saranna's Sweet Tooth, Sales RoomSaranna's Sweet Tooth
465Taelbert's Inn, StablesStable
467The Crossing, Town Green PondPond
468Bards' Guild, CommonsBard
GL Bard
RS Bard
476Riverbank TrailMap50_Segoltha_River.xml
Segoltha River
477Amusement Pier, EntranceMap1l_Crossing_Amusement_Pier.xml
Amusement Pier
479Emmiline's Cottage, Sales FloorEmmiline's Cottage
Empath Shop
480Emmiline's Cottage, ParlorEmmiline Parlor
482Emmiline's Cottage, PantryEmmiline Pantry
483Communal Center, VerandaCommunal Center
497Strand Communal Center, SolariumSolarium
498Strand Communal Center, ConservatoryConservatory
500Strand Communal Center, Bank TellerPremium Bank
Premium Teller
502Strand Communal Center, Gemsmith's AlcovePremium Gems
503Strand Communal Center, Foreign ExchangePremium Exchange
504Fenwyrthie's Curio ShopFenwyrthie's Curio Shop
Premie Shop
Curio Shop
506The Strand, Tree-lined PathIsharon
508The Strand, Tree-lined PathPraxiuz
516Strand Communal Center, GardensGardens
525The Raven's Court, FoyerRaven's Court
526The Raven's Court, Membership DeskMembership Desk
527The Raven's Court, Sun RoomSun Room
529The Raven's Court, Dining RoomDining Room
533The Raven's Court, Gallery LobbyGallery Lobby
542The Raven's Court, Iolite LoungeIolite Lounge
544The Raven's Court, Herb GardenGarden of Herbs
547The Raven's Court, Rock GardenRock Garden
549The Raven's Court, Silver WalkRaven Thief
550The Raven's Court, Garden of MidnightGarden of Midnight
551The Raven's Court, Rose GardenRose Garden
552The Raven's Court, VIP SuiteVIP Suite
553The Raven's Court, Cigar LoungeCigar Lounge
554The Raven's Court, Brandy BarBrandy Bar
555The Raven's Court, Entertainment RoomEntertainment Room
556The Raven's Court, Gamblers' DenGamblers' Den
560The Raven's Court, Artist's ParlorArtist's Parlor
562The Raven's Court, CommoditiesCigar Shop
564Traders' Guild, Pure's Feed EmporiumPure's Feed Emporium
566Traders' Guild, VaultNegotiants
567Traders' Guild, Wholesale OutletWholesale Outlet
Trader Shop
568Haldofurd's Barn, Caravan StableCaravan Stable
571MAMAS Company, Main OfficeMAMAS
574Thieves' Guild, HallwayThief
577Thieves' Guild, LibraryThief Library
579Thieves' Guild, OfficeGL Thief
580Thieves' Guild, ShopThief Shop
585Ranger Guild, Main HallGL Ranger
RS Ranger
592The Strand, Seardaz CoveSeardaz Cove
594The Strand, Cove ShallowsCove Shallows
602Tower South, Air FloorTower South
Air Floor
603Tower South, Water FloorWater Floor
604Tower South, Fire FloorFire Floor
605Tower South, Aether FloorAether Floor
606The Strand, Old PierOld Pier
611The Crossing, Crofton WalkCrofton Walk
618Hameel's Carpet EmporiumHameel's Carpet Emporium
619Medratha's Designs in MarbleMedratha's Designs in Marble
620Guard House, Jail CellJail Cell
650Riverbank Mudflats, Rough StairwayMap1a_Crossing_Thief.xml
5th Passage
652Fang Cove, Fate's Fortune LaneMap150_Fang_Cove.xml
653A WagonCard Shop
Card Collector
654Crossing Battlements, Campaign TentCampaign Tent
655Orielda's Blossoms, Front RoomOrielda's Blossoms
657Menevia the Seeress, Seance ParlorMenevia the Seeress
Seance Parlor
658Menevia the Seeress, Rooftop GazeboRooftop Gazebo
659Half Pint, Grand FoyerHalf Pint
662Half Pint, Dance FloorDance Floor
663Half Pint, Gaming RoomGaming Room
667Half Pint, Rainforest SuiteRainforest Suite
668Half Pint, Nightshade SuiteNightshade Suite
669Half Pint, Moonlight SuiteMoonlight Suite
671The Thin VeneerThin Veneer
672The Thin Veneer, Chair GalleryChairs
684Aesthene's Close, Crystal ChamberCrystal Chamber
685Merchant Apartments, First FloorMerchant Apartments
688Korhege Apartments, First FloorKorhege Apartments
691Burning DesiresBurning Desires
692Windows to the UniverseWindows to the Universe
693Dintacui Apartments, First FloorDintacui Apartments
698The Crossing, Shipping OfficeShipping Office
699Sand Spit Tavern, BarroomSand Spit Tavern
702Ulven's Warehouse, StorageUlven's Warehouse
703Shrine of KertigenShrine1-03
704Brisson's Haberdashery, Sales SalonBrisson's Haberdashery
706Brisson's Haberdashery, Fitting RoomBrisson's Fitting Room
707Shrine of UshnishShrine1-02
710Viper's Nest, The PitViper's Nest
712Western Gate Tier, Guard HouseW Guard House
713Taelbert's Inn, LobbyTaelbert's Inn
730Clerics' Guild, Residential CloistersTodo: Go Iron Gate To Cleric-only Area
735Elite ArchitectureElite Architecture
Home Exteriors
736The Bottom LineBottom Line
Chair Shop
737Martyr Saedelthorp, DispensaryDispensary
740Gaethrend's Court, BarroomGaethrend's Court
751Tower East, Air FloorTower East
Air Floor
752Tower East, Water FloorWater Floor
753Tower East, Fire FloorFire Floor
754Tower East, Aether FloorAether Floor
755Tower East, Earth FloorEarth Floor
756Eastern Gate, Guard HouseE Guard House
757Tamsine's RestShrine1-01
Tamsine's Rest
758Tamsine's Rest, Memorial Tea GardenMemorial Tea Garden
759Asemath Academy, Library HallDictionaries
766Willow Walk, Up a Linden TreeLinden Tree
767Willow Walk, Water Lily PoolPool
769Barbarian Guild, Champions' ArenaChampions' Arena
770Barbarian Guild, Arena StandsArena Stands
772Thrifty DoorsThrifty Doors
774Luthier's, Private ShowroomLuthier's
783Barbarian Guild, Vishlan's WaresVishlan's Wares
Barbarian Shop
785Barbarian Guild, The Brunken DarbarianBarbarian bar
786Barbarian Guild, AntechamberAntechamber
788The Crossing, Herald Streettithe box
789Paladins' Guild, Meeting HallPaladins' Guild
793Paladins' Guild, Guild Leader's OfficeGL Paladin
RS Paladin
794Paladins' Guild, Training RoomTraining Room
795Paladins' Guild, PorticoPortico
796Paladins' Guild, The Great ChamberGreat Chamber
797Paladins' Guild, BasementBasement
798Paladins' Guild, BalconyBalcony
806Paladins' Guild, Holy Warrior's PromenadeHoly Warrior's Promenade
811Iprilu's Emporium, Front RoomIprilu's Emporium
820Paladins' Guild, HayloftHayloft
824Paladins' Guild, Jousting ArenaJousting Arena
833Order Headquarters, Main LobbyOrder Headquarters
Order HQ
834Order Headquarters, The Crossings RoomCrossings Room
838Order Headquarters, The LibraryOrder library
840Order Headquarters, The White Rose Recruitment OfficeWhite Rose Recruitment Office
841Order Headquarters, The Apostles Recruitment OfficeApostles Recruitment Office
842Order Headquarters, The Black Fox Recruitment OfficeBlack Fox Recruitment Office
843Order Headquarters, The Tavern Troupe Recruitment OfficeTavern Troupe Recruitment Office
844Order Headquarters, Iron Circle Recruitment OfficeIron Circle Recruitment Office
845Order Headquarters, Theren Guard Recruitment OfficeTheren Guard Recruitment Office
846Order Headquarters, Dragon Shield Recruitment OfficeDragon Shield Recruitment Office
847The Healerie, Lecture HallLecture Hall
849Town Hall Records Office, BoothItem Registration
850Market Plaza, FoyerMap1j_Market_Plaza.xml
Market Plaza
851Engineering Society, Crafting SuppliesEngineering tools
853Underground PassagewayMap1a_Crossing_Thief.xml
854Underground PassagewayMap1a_Crossing_Thief.xml
855A Dank Dark PassageMap1a_Crossing_Thief.xml
856A Dank, Cluttered PassageMap1a_Crossing_Thief.xml
859The Raven's Court, Secret PassageMap1a_Crossing_Thief.xml
860Behind the Half Pint InnMap1a_Crossing_Thief.xml
861The Raven's Court, BasementMap1a_Crossing_Thief.xml
862Outside East Wall, FootpathMap8_Crossing_East_Gate.xml
864Northwall Trail, Wooded GroveMap4_Crossing_West_Gate.xml
865Forging Society, Book StoreForging Society
Forging books
Forging prestige
868Wildulf Woods, Dense ForestMap4_Crossing_West_Gate.xml
870Barsabe's Grocery, SalesroomBarsabe's Grocery
873Outfitting Society, Entry HallOutfitting Society
874Engineering Society, DepotEngineering Society
Engineering supplies
898Alchemy Society, EntranceAlchemy Society
Alchemy prestige
899The Crossing, Grey Raven CommissaryGrey Raven Commissary
900Grey Raven Commissary, Tattoo ParlorTattoo Parlor
901Thieves' Guild, DenDen
902Forging Society, Lobby and Maker's Mark OrderingMaker's Marks
903Forging Society, FoundryFoundry1
904Forging Society, FoundryFoundry2
905Forging Society, Tool StoreForging tools
Forging clerk
906Forging Society, SuppliesForging supplies
907Forging Society, SmithySmithy1
908Forging Society, ForgeForge1
909Forging Society, SmithySmithy2
910Outfitting Society, OfficeOutfitting Office
911Outfitting Society, HallwayOutfitting prestige
Outfitting clerk
912Outfitting Society, Book ShopOutfitting books
913Outfitting Society, Tool ShopOutfitting tools
914Outfitting Society, Materials ShopOutfitting supplies
919Outfitting Society, Weaving RoomWeaving1
920Outfitting Society, Weaving RoomWeaving2
921Outfitting Society, Weaving RoomWeaving3
922Outfitting Society, Spinning RoomSpinning1
923Outfitting Society, Spinning RoomSpinning2
924Outfitting Society, Spinning RoomSpinning3
925Rangu's Repair Shop and BookstoreEngineering clerk
Rangu's Repair Shop
Repair Tools
926Engineering Society, HallwayEngineering Prestige
927Engineering Society, Talia's OfficeEngineering Office
Talia's Office
928Engineering Society, WorkshopEngineering Workshop1
929Engineering Society, WorkshopEngineering Workshop2
930Engineering Society, WorkshopEngineering Workshop3
931Alchemy Society, Tool ShopAlchemy tools
Alchemy clerk
932Alchemy Society, BookstoreAlchemy books
933Alchemy Society, SuppliesAlchemy supplies
934Alchemy Society, OfficeAlchemy Office
935Kertigen's HonorMap998_Transports.xml
936Hodierna's GraceMap998_Transports.xml
937Estate Holders' Headquarters, FoyerEstate Holders' Headquarters
941Estate Holders' Headquarters, Housing OfficeHousing Office
942Estate Holders' Headquarters, Home Exchange OfficeHome Exchange Office
950The Raven's Court, Secluded AlcoveSecluded Alcove
954Order Headquarters, Glacis HallGlacis Hall
955Order Headquarters, Sithsia HallSithsia Hall
956Order Headquarters, Sorril HallSorril Hall
957Order Headquarters, Ortug HallOrtug Hall
958Order Headquarters, Wolfjaw HallWolfjaw Hall
959Order Headquarters, Daffleberry HallDaffleberry Hall
960Forging Society, FoundryFoundry3
961Forging Society, FoundryFoundry4
962Forging Society, ForgeForge2
963Forging Society, ForgeForge3
964Fenwyrthie's, CollectiblesFenwyrthie Collectibles
965Fenwyrthie's, KeepsakesFenwyrthie Keepsakes
966Empaths' Guild, Sitting RoomSitting Room
974Crossing, Registrar's OfficeRegistrar's Office
item registration
975The Crossing Meeting Hall, EntranceCrossing Meeting Hall
Meeting Hall
979Red Meeting RoomRed Meeting Room
980Violet Meeting RoomViolet Meeting Room
981Blue Meeting RoomBlue Meeting Room
982Yellow Meeting RoomYellow Meeting Room
983Green Meeting RoomGreen Meeting Room
984Ranger's Guild, The Tree HouseTree House
985Northwall Trail, Tree TopMap6_Crossing_North_Gate.xml
Northwall trail
986Thieves' Guild, Master's DenMaster's Den
987Order Headquarters, Administrator's OfficeAdministrator's Office
988Commendable Collectibles, FoyerCommendable Collectibles
993Crossing, Carousel Family ServicesFamily Vault
994Enchanting Society, EntranceEnchanting Society
995Enchanting Society, BookstoreEnchanting Books
996Enchanting Society, SuppliesEnchanting Supplies
997Enchanting Society, Tool StoreEnchanting Tools
1000Enchanting Society, Air Workroom1000
1001Enchanting Society, Earth Workroom1001
1002Enchanting Society, Water Workroom1002
1003Enchanting Society, Fire Workroom1003
1004The Raven's Court, Indoor PondRaven Pond
1005Crossing Escape Tunnels, Kuniyo's EgressMap2d_Escape_Tunnels.xml
1006Crossing Escape Tunnels, Truffenyi's WayMap2d_Escape_Tunnels.xml
1007Crossing Escape Tunnels, Hodierna's PathMap2d_Escape_Tunnels.xml