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Room # Room Name Labels
1Ain Ghazal, East PierMap113_West_Segoltha.xml
Ilaya Taipa
4Ain Ghazal, Ferry DockMap113_West_Segoltha.xml
13Ain Ghazal, Spiral RoadGraverobbers
17Ain Ghazal, Spiral RoadCave Trolls
25Ain Ghazal Auberge, The River FisherFood
27Ain Ghazal Auberge, Inner BeautyMakeup
Inner Beauty
30Ain Ghazal Auberge, In The PoolPool
34Ain Ghazal Chateau, FoyerPremium Portal
50Ain Ghazal Chateau, ArchivesLibrary
74Ain Ghazal Chateau, Music ConservatoryHarpsichord
126Ain Ghazal, Exchange BuildingClerk
Trader Outpost
127Ain Ghazal, Caravan StablesCaravan Stables
128Ain Ghazal, Private DepositoryTeller
129Ain Ghazal, Foreign Exchange VaultExchanger
146Ain Ghazal, Premium Society GardenPremium Society Garden
147Ain Ghazal, Formal ParlorFormal Parlor
151Ain Ghazal, Professional AffairsProfessional Affairs
152Ain Ghazal, Artisans' LoungeArtisans' Lounge
153Ain Ghazal, Gem AcquisitionsGems
154Sephina's LockbaneLockpick Shop
173Thieves' Guild, Guildleader OfficeGL Thief
175Fang Cove, Fate's Fortune LaneMap150_Fang_Cove.xml
177Given By The Sun, OfferingsGiven By The Sun
178Thieves' Guild, ShopThief Shop
179Thieves' Guild, Grandmaster's LoungeThief Grandmaster Lounge